Thanks for stopping by! I’m Nina, and I write emails and email campaigns for busy entrepreneurs and businesses.

Why hire someone to write your business email?

Hiring a writer allows you to focus much needed time/energy elsewhere.

Professional writers create emails that convert to sales/leads. (Hello, revenue, you’re lookin’ mighty fine!)

Hiring a professional is an extremely wise and reasonable business investment.

4 Quick Questions You Need to Ponder re: Your Business Emails

  1. Do you collect and use customer emails to keep them updated about your business? Almost 21% of folks check email at least 5x/day; 58% of adults check email first thing in the morning. 2018 research shows every dollar spent on email marketing generates $44 in revenue. Think about it… Poor or no email contact means your business is missing a huge opportunity, and poor marketing via email means you lose more opportunities!
  2. Are your emails personalized with the customer’s name? Experian reports personalizing emails will increase open rates by 26%. This means your opportunity for a lead/sale from the email just went up! Again.
  3. Are your emails relevant? Does the subject line appeal to your customer? 35% of recipients open email based only on the subject line.
  4. How exciting & how long are your email subject lines? Subject lines over six words average a 21% open rate. A large majority of email readers open their mail on a mobile device. Mobile devices typically handle 4-7 words in a subject line.

Whether your business is brick/mortar or e-commerce, email me. Let’s set up a quick call and talk about where you are, what you need, and how I can help you grow your business.